Anna Airoldi: sitar, synth, vocals
Marco Castagnetto: laptop, Moog, vocals, darbuka
Riccardo Fassone: guitar, bass

Ricky Porzio: drums & percussions

Pharmakon / Pharmakos is the third album by Shabda, a year after the highly acclaimed psychic journey of Tummo. Voluntary hermits established in the rural countryside of Canavese, Piedmont, they fulfill, with this work, a rite of foundation, emanating their blanket of dense droning sound to link distant yet compatible musical mythologies. The two suites forming the album shape time, space and repetition building a sound that drives West and East to confront in the field of pure sound: it’s not doom, nor folk, nor drone in strict sense, but the heavy golden thread that structures the homogeneity of compositions draws a monolithic identity, simultaneously saturnine and solar.

Stylistically, Pharmakon is based on Raga Kafi, tinging it in Middle Eastern shades before crashing on the obsessively guitar oriented drift of its climax. Pharmakos gives off its textural essentiality on the vocal and rhythmic cells of Tibetan mantric music, pushing tension towards the void: then its features are stripped to the bones of an overloaded metal behemoth to investigate pre-existence, life, death and continuity.

Pharmakon / Pharmakos speaks about alchemy without using words, through the evocation of pure sound images, vertically ascending the axis mundi. Like Janus, with one face to the west and one to the east.

Also, Shabda in partnership with Argonauta Records will actively support Nepal populations affected by the earthquake by donating 10% for each copy sold of Pharmakon/Pharmakos album to Nepalese children through Save the Children.


released September 7, 2015

Pharmakon/Pharmakos has been recorded, mixed & mastered by Shabda at KillPop! Studios during 2014/2015
Executive production by Argonauta Records

You can buy the cd through Argonauta Records shop.



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SHABDA Torino, Italy

From members of T/M/K, Shabda is born: one laptop, one sitar, one guitar. The recording sessions for the debut album are over: five compositions combining sound discipline, repetition and Vedic shamanism. For fans of low frequencies, psychedelia and shivaic tantrism. Out soon, stay tuned for details. ... more

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